Artistic Photos of Women Bodybuilders and Sexy Female Muscle


The art of the muscular female body - regular updates featuring artistic and erotic photos of the top women bodybuilders, sexy female muscle and powerful Amazons - the cutting edge of erotic female muscle photos.

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Alina Popa: Mojave Nudes - Alina nude in a location so remote it requires a 4-wheel truck to access.

Kerstin in the Desert - Set 2 - Kerstin the 6' Amazon shot in the sand dunes of the Southern California desert. Set 1 of these photos is on

Brigita Bresovac, women's bodybuilding, sexy female muscle, fitness, nudesBrigita Bresovac: Thee New Photo Sets - "White Dress," "Red Bikini," and "Zebra." And, of course, that incredible physique!

Nikkie Fuller: Legend - Updated scans of classic Nikki from the 90s. Three galleries uploaded, more to come.

Kris Murrell - Mojave Desert - The natural beauty of Kris amid the natural splendors of the Mojave Desert.

Rosetta Mortati: Desert Nudes - Broken link reestablished to Rosetta in the rocks and desert photo set.

Arina Manta: In The Garden - Still photos of Arina in a beautiful garden, shot during the making of her DVD "They Call Me Fit Doll" (

Mistress Treasure Studio Fashion Shoot - It's almost a crime to put clothes on such a great body. But Treasure looks terrific and says her next shoot with focus on nude art photos. Can't wait!

Australian/Hungarian Figure Star Ildiko Gaspar - A fine figure of a nude. Ildiko Gaspar, women's bodybuilding, sexy female muscle, nude hardbodies, fitness, figure, models

Brigita Brezovac: From Slovenia to the world - After conquering other federations, Brigita's greatest ambition is to compete in the IFBB.

Mona Roberts - Guam's best female bodybuilder proves that 50 is the new 35 in this outdoor nude photo set.

Sherry Goggin, female fitness model, women's bodybuilding, sexy muscle, figureSherry Goggin: Malibu - The Fitness Supermodel high in the mountains above Malibu and with an incredible custom V-twin cruiser.

Irene Andersen: BW Nudes - Irene demonstrates why the female bodybuilding physique is truly a work of art.

Evian Hanshaw: From Fat to Fit & Fabulous - Three photo layouts of Evian, including BW nudes.

Tara Caballero - Finals Photos from Red Rock - With apologies to Tara's fans, the remainder of her photos were uploaded some time ago, but the new link page was not! At long last, the rest of the delicious Tara.

Nola Trimble: "Blue" and "Sepia" - Final two photo sets of these fabulous figure firefighter.

Nola Trimble - Firefighter, EMT, figure competitor, Nola gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation a whole new meaning.

Kris Murrell & Kristy Hawkin: Biker Chicks - Kris and Kristy posing with a Yamaha 1900 cc cruiser.

Debbie Bramwell, Bill Dobbins photo, sexy woman bodybuilder, female muscle, fitness, figure, model, nudesDebbie Does The Desert - IFBB pro bodybuilder Debbie Bramwell in the rugged landscape of the Southern California desert.

Monica Brant: In The Garden - The former Ms. Olympia Fitness and figure superstar communes with nature - and it with her.

Arina Manta: "Rocks" Video - 2nd video added featuring Arina posing high in the California mountains.

Brenda Kelly & Nicole Rollolazo - Backstage in the dressing room, finishing make up, trying on lingerie - lots of "girly" stuff.

Arina Manta: Water Towers Video - A video with music featuring Arina posing against some rusted water towers high in the California mountains. This video will be part of a 90 minute feature DVD due to be released in a few months.

Tina Jo Orban, Bill Dobbins photo, women's bodybuilding, sexy female muscle, fitness, figureTina Jo Orban - BW photos: sleek, lean and nearly nude.

Lenda Murray: Legend - 6 times Ms. Olympia, Lenda is one of the most successful and most widely admired female bodybuilders of all time.

Shelley Beattie: In Memorium - Shelley Beattie, who was a bodybuilding star in the 1990s and a potential Ms. Olympia, committed suicide in Portland, Oregon on February 13, 2008 after a long battle with bioplar disease.

Nikki Fuller: Muscle Goddess - Another addition to the Legends Gallery featuring one of the top stars (and biggest FBBs) of the 1990s.

Laura Creavalle: Legend - Laura finished 2nd twice in the Ms. Olympia, and many feel she should have been the winner in one of them.

2/25 - Natalie Benson: Leopard - Update to the Natalie photo set, the Sleek Physique as a predatory leopard.

Kris Murrell, women's bodybuilding, sexy nude female muscle, fitness, figure, Bill Dobbins2/22 -Kris Murrell - Big AND sexy - a sure ticket to the pros.

1/27 -Nadeea Voli: Getting Fit To Sing - With a new CD coming out, Nadeea relies on her athletic background and martial arts to stay fit.

1/12 -Sharon Bruneau: The Ambivalent Bodybuilding Champion - Who would believe that this muscular beauty once considered herself an "Ugly Duckling." In the Legends Gallery

1/4/08 - Anja Schreiner - The Legend - First addition to the new "Legends" gallery - the great bodies of the 1980s and 1990s.

12/17- Cindy Phillips: In The Garden - Cindy, Cindy - how does your garden grow? Great, if these photos are any example.

Cindy Phillips: The Youngest Canadian Pro - Who says FBBs aren't sexy? Studio photos available. Garden photos under construction.

Cindy Phillips, bill dobbins, sexy female muscle, women bodybuilders, fitness, figureThe Colorful Kristi Argyle - Natural Bodybuilder, singer, actress, TV personality - and all around sexy.

Natalie Benson: The Sleek Physique - Long, lean and beautiful, Natlie personifies how aesthetic muscle can be.

The Art of Irene Andersen - BW art studies of the fabulous Swedish FBB.

Arina Manta: Mountain Part 2 - The photo feature of Arina in the wild's of the Southern California coastal mountains is complete.

Arina Manta: Go Tell It On The Mountain - The Australian figure star explores the dramatic landscape of the American southwest. Part 1 of 2.

Debi Laszewski, women bodybuilders, fitness, female, sexy nude female muscleDebi Laszewski - Nudes - Everyone loves Debi's physique - except sometimes the bodybuilding judges. Hopefully this is the in process of changing.

Exotic Nudes - A beatufiul set of arttistic nudes..

Rose Marie Kasallis: Nudes/Semi-Nudes - You'd hardly think that a woman with a body like this has given birth six Rose Marie Kasallis, women bodybuilders, sexy female muscle, figure, fitnesstimes. Amazing what you can do with bodybuilding!

8/13 - Australia's Rosa-Marie Romero - Spanish born, Aussie raised fitness and figure star Rosie says "Ole´from down under!"

7/31 - Flavia Crisos - Studio Glamour - A layout of 123 photos featuring Flavia in various styles of bikini in the studio.

7/6 - Cover Photo Retropsective - Almost 200 of the photos featured on the cover page of the Art Gallery over the past several years.

7/1 - Flavia Crisos: Reclining Nudes - The "reclining nude" is a popular theme in art. Flavia is a popular figure star among admirers of the aesthetic muscular female physique.

Abby Marie, sexy muscle female bodybuilder figure woman6/14- Abby Marie: Bikini & Lingerie! - Abby even looks sexy with clothes on. Total of 178 photos in full photo set.

5/22- Adela Garcia: Ms. Olympia Fitness 2006 - Photos featuring the hottest "Chicka Latina" in the IFBB. Total of 140 photos.

5/8 - Aleksandra Kobielak: BW - Photos in the style of the 1930s Hollywood Glamour portraits. Total of 53 photos.

5/3 - Kerstin the Amazon- Studio - Recent studio photos of a REAl Amazon woman. Total of 143 photos.

4/20 - Sharon & Timea: Dynamic Duo - Photos of Sharon Bruneau and Timea Majorova, "together again for the first time." Sharon Bruneau and Timea Majorova, female bodybuiliding and fitness, sexy muscleSizzling and sexy pictures of two of the best of all time.

4/8 - Shock of the Nude - Article and 88 nude figure studies - why nudes are important and why they are being censored in today's culture.

4/1 - Arina Manta - Fitness, Figure - Glamour

3/25 - Aleksandra Kobielak - Athlete, Actress, Model and Physique Champion. First of two new galleries.

Sherry Goggin, muscle fitness model3/16 - Sherry Goggin - Sherry is the fitness model's fitness model.

3/10 - Michelle Morrison - Miami - Not bad for a "beginner."

2/22 - Tazzie Colomb: Malibu Nudes - Figure studies of the impressive Tazzie taken high above the Pacific Ocean in the Malibu Mountains.

2/9- Dana Capiobianco: Red Hat Nudes - Featue complete.
Dana Capobaianco nude female bodybuilder

2/4- Dana Capiobianco: 2 More Photo Sets - "White Suit" and "Black Hat." And, of course, that great sexy physique.

1/25- Dana Capiobianco: 17 Years and Counting - Perennial NPC heavyweight FBB contender Dana is a personal trainer, an artist, a mother - but continues to make bodybuilding competition a centerpiece of her lifestyle.

1/14- Tamar in Miami - It's Tamar's planet. The rest of us just live here.

1/3/07- Kerstin Khalfani: The Woods - This 6' amazon is a Great Dane in a world full of Poodles.

12/30- Dina Al-Sabah: Pink Lingerie - Dina. Pink lingerie. 'Nuff said. Dina Al-Sabah figure sexy muscle

12/27- Dina Al-Sabah: Orange - Take a close look at what Dina's fans love about her but IFBB judges seem to overlook too often.

12/24- Dina Al-Sabah - Introducing the fabulous "FitDina" - the most exotic of figure champions. First two sets of five now on site.

12/10- Timea Majorova Desert Delight - Part 2 of the sensational feature on Timea that became one of the most popular pictorials Timea Majorova sexy muscle bodybuilder in Iron Man Magazine ever.

12/4- Timea Majorova Superfeature - Part 1 of "Desert Delight" (as seen in Iron Man, December 06) plus links to Timea's Venice Adventure and photos of her putting something exciting (a racing Ducati SPS) between her legs

11/26- Jennifer Schumm - Indoors and Out - In the studio and in the garden - where no trees are topless.

11/18- Loretta Lynn: Red Veil - Is a model without clothes but covered by a transparent red veil actually nude? You be be the judge.

Avis Ware desert sexy muscle11/5- Avis Ware: Desert Adventure - Part II - The shapely and exotic Avis in a second desert location. Is it hot in the desert? Or is it just Avis!

10/30- Tanji Johnson: Looking For Challenges - Ex Air Force officer, IFBB fitness champion, Tanji is always looking for new worlds to conquer.

10/23- Dayana Cadeau: Strings - When is a nude NOT a nude? When parts of the physique is just barely covered by almost Dayana Cadeau almost nudenothing strings.

10/13- Michelle Troll: From Geek to Gorgeous - Part 1, Michelle studio photos.

10/8- Avis Ware: Desert Adventure - Part one of the exotic Avis against the dramatic background of California's Mojave Desert.

Chells Richardson figure champion10/3- Chells Richardson - Fit body, fabulous face - Once you get as pretty as Dutch figure champion Chells, it just becomes a matter of taste.

9/26- Kendra Kessel - On a motorcyclew and wearing a bikini - Not the same photo set. On the motorcycle she iisn't exactly wearing a bikini.

9/20- Kendra Kessel - A lovely voice in a terrific body - Kendra's singing voice is as full and sexy as her fit physique. First two of four photo sets on the site.

9/13- Diana Britten: Topless - Diana feature complete.
Diana Britten sexy and topless

9/8- Diana Britten: Bustier - Diana on the half shell.

9/3- Diana Britten: The Machine - The hardest training woman in Gold's Gym, Venice.

8/29- Shelley Michelle: Black Feathers - Tickle your ass with a feather? The final photo set in Shelley's Body Double feature.

8/20- Tammy Pies Final Photo Sets - "White Suit" and "Hat"

8/13- Tammy Pies - Yet another gorgeous figure competitor from Ohio! Two of four photo features now on site.

8/3- Tara Caballero at Red Rock Canyon - Glorious landscape, sensuous body - the first two of five new photo sets on the site.

Shelly Michelle fitness musclew7/26- Shelley Michelle: Fur - Warm and fuzzy, and feels nice to the touch.

7/23- Shelley Michelle: Seeing "Double" - Is that Julia Roberts on the screen? No, it's Shelley Michelle - body double extraordinare.

7/19- Timea Majorova Does Venice - Timea on the Venice, California "boardwalk" Memorial Day, 2006.

7/9- Mellisa Coates -Purple - Melissa feature now complete.

7/3- Mellisa Coates - Fur Hat, Pink Hat - Two more sexy features on the gorgeous bodybuilder/wrestler.

6/28 - Mellisa Coates - 06 - The first two of 5 new features on the sexy, shapely Melissa.

Erinn Tilley sexy thong6/23 - Erinn Tilley: Red Thong - Many thongs to Erinn. Feature complete.

6/19 - Erinn Tilley: Red Bikini - Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny.

6/17 - Erinn Tilley - Nurse practitioner, figure competitor. First two of four features.

6/6 - Eva Lee - The body is an amazing thing to behold.

6/2 - Glutes: A Pictorial - Women's physique has a great future behind it.

5/25 - Marcy Porter: "Mesh" and "Pink" - Two more photo sets featuring blond bombshell Marcy.

5/19 - Marcy Porter: On her muscle looks good! - "Everyone likes muscles on women as long as they are attractive enough to begin with." Feature under construction.

5/10 - Tara Caballero: "Scarf" and "Teddy Bear" - Two more photo sets to complete the Tara glamour feature.

5/7 - Tara Caballero: She's Everywhere! - Tara is one of the hardest working women in fitmod biz. First two of four photo sets now on the site.

4/21 - Sarah Malone: Red and White - Final two pictorials of model and figure competitor Sarah.

4/19 - Sarah Malone: From Size 14 to Fabulous - First two of four pictorials on Sarah, who started training to shape up but ended up on the competitive figure stage.

4/10 - Koya Webb - Taking Care of Business - Hey, if all those NBA athletes can wear business suits, so can Koya. And she makes dressed up look good! Feature complete.

4/8 - Koya Webb - Island Girl - You can practically see the beach and palm trees and hear the steel drums.

4/5 - Koya Webb - Million Dollar Baby - Koya is used to knocking men out, but not usually by punching them. But as a 5'11" competitive athlete, why not?

3/31 - Koya Webb - Super Athlete/Super Model - First 2 of 5 photo features: Warrior Woman and Bikini Babe.

3/16 - Sheilahe Brown: Yellow/Stripes - Two more photo sets of this long, leggy Amazon. Photo feature complete.

3/12 - Sheilahe Brown: Flexxy Dancer - She looks as good whether she's posing or in motion. First two of four photo features.

2/29 - Marika Johansson: BW Nudes - Figure studies of the Viking Queen.

2/25 - Raye Hollitt: Fit, Fabulous and Forty - Raye shows that she still has what it takes 10 years after her famous Playboy pictorial.

2/15 - Australia's Jayne Pickering - Another genetic bodybuilder competing in figure. First two of three photo sets.

2/11 - Tina Jo Orban: White Dress - Tina, we almost didn't recognize you with your clothes on! Feature complete.

2/6 - Tina Jo Orban: Sheer Top - A see-through top and no pants - lots of Tina Jo to enjoy!

2/5 - Tina Jo Orban - This is a tomboy? Yeah. Right. First two of four features.

1/26 - Kim Perez: The Lady From Oklahoma - A gorgeous body, bikinis and a beautiful pool - all the ingredients for a sexy photo shoot.

1/16 - Barbara Engelsmann: BW Nudes - The art of the muscular female body - Barbara feature is complete.

1/13 - Barbara Engelsmann: Purple - Beautiful female muscle and sexy outfits - a great combination.

1/11/06 - Barbara Engelsmann - A pro figure competitor and karate expert, her "kick ass" body can really kick ass. First two sets of the feature now on site.

12/31- Maria Calo: Studio Glamour - Color glamour feature, Maria as you've never seen her.

12/27- Melissa Dettwiller: Silver Bikini - Melissa wearing a "bikini" (if you could call those little snippets of cloth a bikini!)

12/21- Melissa Dettwiller: Studio - The first of a three part feature on the sensuous Melissa...see what you can catch with fishnets.

12/21- Marika Johannson Nudes - The Viking Queen poses for artistic nude figure studies.

12/17- Maria Calo: Nude Figure Studies - Unfortunately for Maria, the quality of her physique is often overlooked. But these nude studies show how aesthetic her physique really is.

12/10- Rebekka Armstrong: Biker Chick - Rebekka showed up at the studio on her way back from the motorcycle races at Laguna Seca Racetrack. She shows her enthusiasm for bikes by modeling biker gear - with a lot of Rebekka showing as well. Feature complete.

12/7 - Rebekka Armstrong: White Lingerie - Everyone likes muscles on women - providing the women are attractive enough. Like Rebekka.

12/5 - Rebekka Armstrong: Pink Shorts - Featuring the only Playboy Playmate who competes in NPC bodybuilding contests. First of three photo layouts.

11/29 - Susanne Niederhauser: A "True" Lightweight - The IFBB has done away with weight divisions for female pros. Instead, they should have added one - a "true" lightweight class for competitors like Susanne.

11/12 - Nikki Warner - Nudes "On The Rocks" - " if the body were created and placed there by the forces of natural history"

11/05- Dayana Cadeau: Tiger - Meoooow! Dayana photo feature complete.

11/01- Dayana Cadeau: The Best (and sexiest) Lightweight - The sensuous Dayana photographed just before her appearance at the Ms. Olympia 2005. Hot!

10/20 - Avis Ware: The Magnificent Anti-Diva - What you see is what you get with Avis...and that's quite a lot.

10/9 - Melissa Dettwiller: Topless - Curvaceous Melissa amid the curvaceous Mojave dunes - feature complete.

10/3 - Melissa Dettwiller: Gold Suit - Awesome desert landscape; no less awesome Melissa.

9/30 - Melissa Dettwiller: Desert Flower - First two of four photo features of this senuous female bodybuilder...Blue Bikini and Blue Suit.

9/22 - Monica Martin: Semi-Nude - As much of the incredible Monica as you are likely to see. A bonus addition to the Monica feature.

9/13 - Monica Martin: White Shawl - Third and final part of the Monica studio feature. (A set of Semi-Nudes will be added to another gallery in the near future.)

9/10 - Monica Martin: Leopard Wrap - Second of three features on the lovely Monica.

9/7 - Monica Martin: Boa & Fan - First of three features on the best (and sexiest) FBB from Brazil.

9/1 - Dayana Cadeau: Nude with Rope, Page 2 - Sexy and artistic Dayana feature complete.

8/30 - Dayana Cadeau: Nude with Rope - Is it bondage? Is it phallic? Or just a great prop with which to shoot nudes of a beautiful woman. You decide. Page 1 of 2.

8/21 - Dayana Cadeau: Gangsta Girl - She aint no hollaback girl!

8/18 - Dayana Cadeau: Amazon Warrior - Xena, eat your heart out.

8/16 - Dayana Cadeau: Red Leather - First of three new studio shoots with the luscious lightweight Ms. Olympia.

8/8 - Mascha Tieken: Fine Art Nudes - "The nude does not simply represent the body, but relates it, by analogy, to all structures that have become part of our imaginative experience" - Kenneth Clark

8/3 - Amber Littlejohn: A "Super" Model, Indeed - Amber has the kind of long-proportioned, leggy and defined look that the figure judges seem to prefer. And her fans like it to.

7/24 - Getting "High" With Monica Guerra - High up in the Santa Monica Mountians, that is.

7/14 - Mascha Tieken: Green - Third in a series of Mascha pictorials.

7/12 - Mascha Tieken - First in the eyes of her fans, last in the eyes of the judges. What gives?

7/6 - Lea Waide - Final Photo Pages - Two more photo pages added to complete the Lea feature.

7/4 - Lea Waide - Trying a New Stunt - Lea gets mistaken for Marge Helgenberger of CSI Las Vegas, but she's a star of fitness, not television. And now she's moving into the world of movie stunt work.

6/31 - Britanny Thorsch: Corset - Beautiful girl, lovely lingerie...feature completed.

6/26 - Britanny Thorsch: White Bikini - A very tiny mico-kini. Lots of Brittany, very little suit!

6/24 - Britanny Thorsch: Leopard Girl - Special photo feature under construction.

6/17 - Fannie Barrios: Fannie By Window Light - Sensuous and erotic photos with the celebrated Venezuelan IFBB pro bodybuilder.

6/12 - Mistress Treasure: Muscle Lady In Charge - If your profession is being a professional dominatrix, having a beautiful, muscular body is a definite asset.

5/24 - Flavia Crisos: Don't Blame It On The Bossa Nova - This sexy Brazilian figure competitor says her favorite music is hip-hop.

5/14 - Rebecca Rush: By Window Light - Nude color and BW photos of the lovely Rebecca illuminated by the soft light spilling through her hotel window.

5/04 - Sexy Rhonda Quaresma - A photo delight: Color and BW, lingerie and nudes, pics of Rhonda dressing backstage. A banquet of pics for Rhonda fans.

4/25 - Alexis Ellis 2005 - 4 pages of new photos added to commemorate the victory of "Alexis Sexy" at this years Iron Man Figure Extravaganza. Honk if you like sexy pictures.

4/15 - Kim Chambers: The Physique Erotique - Model, actress, video director and figure competitor.

4/6 - Melissa Coates Superfeature - From pro bodybuilder to pro wrestler, Melissa is one of the most popular beauties in the industry.

3/23 - The Art of Valentina Chepiga - "Bodybuilding includes both developing an aesthetic posing but the art of presentation as well."

3/16 - Debbie Bramwell: That Was Then, This Was Now - "Being shy, I couldnt imagine getting up in front of people with a little posing suit on and flexing."

3/11 - Excalibur Girls: Triple Your Fun - Three sexy figure stars from the NPC Excalibur show in 2004.

2/24 - Liz Powers: Sensuous Athlete as Fitness Model - After 12 years of soccer, 200 and 400 meter events in track meets, Liz discovered weight training and has become a sexy fitness model.

2/22 - Raye Hollitt's Radiant Pro Strength Show - Some of the strongest and most beautiful amazon women compete in North Hollywood, organized by the former American Gladiator star.

2/16 - Lenda Murray: Above Malibu - Sun, sea, surf and the rugged mountains above Malibu: a suitable setting for photographing the incomparable, 8-time Ms. Olympia Lenda.

2/12 - Lethal Veronica: Amazon Dominatrix - "Lots of men enjoy sexual submission - especially when the woman is strong and trains with weights."

1/29 - Joanna Thomas: Indoor/Outdoor Nudes - The pro female bodybuilding champion from Britain poses for nude figure studies "en plein air" and in the studio.

1/25 - Gwen Malone: Studio 2 - Two more photo sets added to the sleek and sexy Gwen's photo feature: "Short Skirt" and "Zebra Bikini."

1/17 - Marika Johansson: Feature Complete - The final two photo pages of the magnificent Marika.

1/14 - Marika Johansson: Studio Photos - The "Viking Queen" is featured in 2 of 4 new studio photo sets, added to her "Desert Heat" photos already on the site.

1/09 - Tara Scotti - Nudes - Tara has been reluctant to shoot nudes in the past. But her body is a work of art and deserves to be treated as such.

1/05 - Dalia Narbutaite - Fitness model, Lithuanian style.

1/3/05 - Nicole Rollolazo:White Fur - The final photo page of the lovely, dark-eyed Nicole.


12/31 - Nicole Rollolazo:Blue Bikini - Third of four photo pages added to the Nicole feature.

12/28 - Lenda Murray: Defining An Era - A set of BW photos of the most influencial female bodybuilder of our time.

12/27 - Nicole Rollolazo - Small and fun, but definitely nobody's toy. Two of four photo pages uploaded.

12/19 - Vilma Caez: A Diva In The Desert - Vilma's magnificent physique showcased against the backdrop of an equally magnificent desert landscape.

12/14- Lynn McCrossin in Sedona: Sunset - More photos of Lynn taken in the fabulous landscape of Sedona in the golden light of the late afternoon and setting sun.

12/10 - Rebecca Rush: Nudes - The exotic Columbus figure competitor featured in two pages of sensuous studio nudes added to the Rebecca feature.

11/15 - Alexis Ellis Delivers - Not only in the looks department but gourmet food as well.

11/8 - Rosetta Mortati Does The Desert - 5 pages of nude and non-nude location photos.

10/7 - Rosetta Mortati: Studio - This hardbody beauty was born in the US and raised in Italy.

9/27 - Safiya Johnson: Little Sister is Growing Up - If Tanji Johnson's baby sister isn't beautiful and exotic enough for you, maybe you should try another planet.

9/14 - Toni Dee: Fitness Superstar - All around athlete, personal trainer, sexy fitness model and IFBB pro judge, Toni is a woman for all seasons.

9/6 - Marika Johansson: More Desert Heat - Three new photopages and a Quicktime slideshow added to the Marika feature.

8/29- Allison Williams: Studio BW Glamour - Stylish BW fitness photos added to the Allison "Physique Stars" feature.

8/15- Rush To Fitness: Rebecca Rush - The beautiful figure cometitor from exotic Columbus, Ohio, poses amide the desert landscape outside Las Vegas.

7/11- Lynn McCrossin: Sedona - Female muscles among the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Two amazing works of nature get together.

7/11- Annie Rivieccio: Ducati - The Italian physique superstar puts another Italian superstar between ler legs.

7/6 - Marika Johansson: Desert Heat - The "Viking Queen" trades the frozen north for the burning sun of the California desert.

6/28 - Lena Johannesen: Fashion in White and Red - Two sexy glamour and fashion photo sets complete the new Lena photo sessions.

6/11 - Lena Johannesen: Chained Heat - The lovely Lena takes another step along the road to fetish modeling (at least, in her imagination) in this provocative photo series.

6/1 - Allison Williams: BW Nudes - The exotic muscle girl from the islands was in town to compete in figure, and stopped by to do some sexy photos.

5/14 - Heather Policky: Denver Muscle Diva - 2 pages of Heather wearing "barely there" suits in the Las Vegas desert.

5/8 - Trudy Ireland: In The Spotlight - 3 pages of studio photos, with costumes and semi-nude, demonstrating that Oklahoma is A-OK.

4/25 - New Feature: Slideshows of featured pictorials - Beginning with Rhonda Quaresma and Dayana Cadeau. (Link to download Quicktime included.)

4/23 - Rhonda Lee Quaresma: Studio Nudes - She is an erotic model, makes sexy videos, but first and above all Rhonda Lee is a pro bodybuilder with a striking physique.

4/10 - Tara Scotti: From Fashion To Figure - Tara's evolution from Fashion to Fitness to Figure in a changing industry.

3/30 - Dayana Cadeau: Boots - The Superfeature finished with the addition of BW Dayana semi-nude photos.

3/23 - Annie Rivieccio: Nudes With Rope - The "Artistic Side" photo feature updated.

3/13 - The Artistic Side of Annie Rivieccio - Aesthetic nudes and semi-nudes.

3/03 - Dayana Cadeau: Mirror,Mirror - Mirror, mirror on the floor, whose got the sexiest physique of all? Color nudes.

2/25 - Dayana Cadeau: Lady Marmalade - "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir"? the lady asks. May we see a show of hands? First of several new additions to a Dayana Superfeature.

2/14 - Nancy Hirsh: Transformed Woman - From 106 lbs to a firm and shapely bodybuilding/figure competitor.

2/11 - Allison Williams: Exotic Island Muscle Girl - This lady from Antigua got muscle, mon! And it sure looks good on her.

2/8 - Nicole Damon: I Am Your Fantasy Woman - From warrior woman to exotic belly dancer, Nicole is the model of choice for a whole range of fantasy artists.

1/23 - Sheliahe Brown: Private Dancer - With years of bodybuilding and a lifetime of dance training behind her, Sheliahe is taking her dance sessions private.

1/11/04 - Helle Nielsen: Shock of the New - Denmark's newest physique star experiences a close encounter of the Mojave Desert kind.

12/29 - Isabelle Turell Nudes: The Art of Her Body - With only 4 years in the sport, Isabelle sees her physique as a work of art in progress.

12/23 - Amber Deluca: Bodybuilder in Progress - Amber in three desert photo sets, including one nude, a few months after winning her first two NPC bodybuilding contests.

12/14 - D.J. Wallis: The Scientific Figure Competitor - Natural beauty gets a hand from science and technology to create a lovely work of art.

11/27 - Lenda Murray in Kauai - The most successful woman bodybuilder of all time. Lenda in Paradise, photos from 1991.

11/24 - The Elegant and Erotic Aleksandra Kobielak - Not just a sophisticated, European beauty and figure competitor but sexy enough to be featured in Poland's version of Playboy as well.

11/7 - Gwen Malone - This "buff chick" is a well kept female bodybuilding secret...until now.

10/31 - Tanji Johnson: Why Fitness is Sexy - Why do we find fit, athletic bodies attractive? Because it's in our genes.

10/10 - The Statuesque Yaxeni Oriquen - One of the top pro women bodybuilders: a work of art posing with a work of art.

10/5 - Kathy Johansson: Larger Than Life and Twice As Sexy - Three sets of color photos depicting one of the most awesome and sexy muscular female physiques you've ever seen.

10/5 - Monica Martin: The Art of the Body - Bodybuilding is not just about building muscle, says Monica, but involves creating a piece of beautiful (and often sexy) sculpture.

9/26 - Lena Johannesen: A Touch Of Fetish - This Viking Goddess reveals a darker side of her normally wholesome image.

9/14 - Maribeth Rossi: This Lady Really Cooks - Have a weakness for sweets? Amateur female bodybuilding champion Maribeth creates them - but it sure doesn't show on her physique. A pictorial of nude muscle in the desert.

9/3 - Kathy Johansson - Nude Body Art - Female bodybuilder, model and member of the Swedish Gladiators, Kathy considers her sexy, muscular body to be a work of art in progress.

8/25- Jennifer Hanke: A Fit Flower In The Garden - Jen blossoms in this pictorial shot in a Southern California garden.

8/9- Heather Policky: Nudes On The Rocks - A hardbody in hard terrain: this aesthetic mesomorphic woman bodybuilder poses in the rugged landscape and harsh sunlight of a desert August morning.

7/31- Tazzie Colomb: In the Garden - The difference between shooting outdoors in California and Louisianna is that Tazzie didn't have to look out for alligators. Plenty of snakes, but most of those are in Hollywood.

7/22- The Exotic Fawnia Mondey - Bringing the world of exotic dance to bodybuilding and fitness.

7/16- Erika Andersch: Model Gladiator - BW desert Nude muscular photos of this glamorous former bodybuilder and star of American Gladiator.

7/6- Christine Rocks: Studio Glamour - Two pages of glamour photos of the "blond bombshell" of NPC bodybuilding.

6/27- Suzan Kaminga: Studio Session - 2nd page of the retrospective, sexy photos and nudes of the lovely Ms. Kaminga.

6/15- Carmen Garcia: Latin Fitness - Two pages of sexy, revealing photos with one of the most successful fitness models in the industry.

6/12 - Suzan Kaminga: A Retrospective - "Nude With Muslce and Guitar", the first of several photo features on the spectular Suzan.

6/8 - Sasha Ogata: Backstage Photos - Intimate views of Sasha as she gets made up and puts on her costumes for the studio photo shoot.

6/5 - Sasha Ogata: A Flare For The Dramatic - Fitness model and dancer at Jaguar's in Las Vegas, Sasha brings an inherent sexual theatricality to everything she does. Nudes and semi-nudes.

5/16 - LeighAnna Ross: Lady in a Cat Suit - LeighAnna left bodybuilding for fitness and is now moving to figure. Looking at her in this revealing, see-through cat suit what is great about her figure is obvious.

5/10 - DeeAnn Donovan: Fetish En Vogue - This fitness model and personal trainer poses for some high-style, "fetish as fitness" photos as inspired by legendary photographer Helmut Newton.

5/01 - Brenda Kelly: The "Undressing" Room - Up close and personal with Brenda as she dresses - and undresses - for a studio photo session.

4/16 - More "Surplus Male" - Page 5 added to the production stills of the female domination, women in chains, female muscle sci-fi move/video.

4/13 - Lynn McCrossin: The Pec Panther Pounces - 2 color photos sets and 1 of BW muscle nudes will teach you that when Lynn is around "you must submit!"

4/2 - Selma McPherson: Fit To Act - BW nudes of a sexy muscular actress and figure competitor who considers the sculpted body a work of art.

3/30 - Brenda Kelly: Sepia Nudes - "I like artistic nudes, not photos done for primarily erotic purposes," says Brenda. But if you find her nudes erotic you won't be alone.

3/21 - Jazzmon Radford: "All That Jazz" - She's a "personal trainer" - in the gym as well as private sessions and fetish videos. How much training can your heart stand?

3/10 - The Sarah Lyons Experiment - Fitness model and personal trainer Sarah models for three sets of photos exploring different eras in the history of photography (with some sexy dressing room photos as an added bonus).

3/9 - "Surplus Male" - 4 pages of photos from a tonque-in-cheek, sexy sci fi "movie" (straight to video) starring a number of female bodybuilders and fitness women.

3/3 - Dayana Cadeau: Intimate Backstage - A special viewing of Dayana preparing for her studio shoot - an intimate look at dressing, putting on make-up and getting ready.

2/22 - Bethany Holwett: Hollywood Portraits - High glamour, BW photos in the style of the great movie publicity stills of the 1930s.

2/15 - Dayana Cadeau: Indoors and Outdoors - a page of studio nudes and 3 pages of desert figure studies of Dayana. Is she the sexiest woman in bodybuilding?

2/13 - Lauren Powers: Three photos sets added - Lauren as the "Black Angel," wearing (nothing but) jewelry plus nude figure studies.

2/9 - Lauren Powers: Studio Superfeature - The "Fitness Goddess" in the first two of six scheduled photo sets. Under construction.

2/5 - Lindsay Mulinazzi Backstage - Keep Lindsay company in the dressing room as she gets dressed - and undressed - for her studio photo shoot.

2/4 - Red headed fitness - Studio Color Photos - Glorious Lindsay pictured in glorious color.

1/20 - Red headed fitness: The Inferno Heats Up - Black and white nude photos of one of the sexiest and (pound for pound) sexiest women in bodybuilding.

1/11 - Kat Meyers: Dressing Room Photos - Women may take forever to get ready, but it's easy to be patient if you get to watch.

1/03/2003 - Tazzie Colomb: Power + Beauty = Tazzie - Bikini and nude photo sets of Tazzie in the Southern California desert.

12/27 - Maria Calo: "Draped Nudes"- Maria draped in black and purple. Final page of the feature.

12/20 - Maria Calo: "White Scarf" - More semi-nudes featuring the "Female Hercules."

12/18 - Cassandra Floyd: Backstage Revelations - The lovely Cassandra in the dressing room getting made up and changing costumes. Intimate moments you usually never see. Two pages, 75 photos - linked to the intro page of her photo sessions.

12/13 - Kat Meyers: Unchained - Chains can be the symbol of bondage...or of strength.

12/02 - Brenda Kelly: "Au Naturel" - Two photo sets of fitness cover model Brenda nude in the grandeur of the Mojave Desert.

11/30 - Maria Calo: Black Vinyl Suit - Page 2 of 4 featuring the most Herculean woman in female bodybuilding.

11/28 - Iron Man: Modern Amazon Photos - The complete set of photos - published and not published, sent to Iron Man for its November, 2002 issue.

11/19 - Amber Deluca: Woman as Statue - After a lifetime of athletic "doing," Amber sets her sites on "looking," making her body into a work of art. BW nudes photos.

11/12 - Maria Calo: Studio Photos, Page 1 - The "Female Hercules"in the first of 4 pages of studio posing photos. This page: "The White Dress".

11/6 - Stephanie Kolbe: Health, fitness and nuditiy - the perfect combination.

10/24 - Cassandra Floyd: Sexy and Alluring Muscle - Three photo sets of one of the sexiest and most beautiful of physique women - White Lingerie, Red Dress/Lingerie and Nudes.

10/10 - Maria Calo: The "Female Hercules" - First of two photo sets featuring nude art studies of the most massively developed women in female bodybuilding.

9/30 - Audra Pollard - "Dressed/Undressed" - two photo pictorials in the desert southwest with the beautiful Audra, nude and non-nude.

9/02 - Kim Chizevsky- "The Body Beautiful" Black and white art studies - Part Two now added.

8/20 -Kat Meyers - A Fetish For Fitness - The celebrated fetish model is also a fitness competitor. See her in this BW nude photo set.

7/9 - Amber Deluca - Page 2 Added - Nudes and semi nudes in the New Mexico desert.

6/30 - Amber Deluca - Return To Her Roots - Native American muscle beauty Amber Deluca photographed nude in Indian reservation country outside Albequerque, New Mexico. Part 1 of two parts.

6/16 - Angela "Erotica" Mraz - Figure champion Angela in a BW set of Mojave Dunes nude art studies.

6/13 - Viviana Soldano - Death Valley Afternoon Part 3 added to the Vivianna special feature.

6/4 - Viviana Soldano - Death Valley Day - Part 2 added to the Vivianna special feature, photos taken between the sunrise and sunset shoots - Zabriskie Point and the Furnace Wells Transportation Museum (with Vivianna being naughty!).

5/21 - Viviana Soldano - Death Valley Dunes - The "Italian Amazon" journeys to California's Death Valley National Park to shoot spectacular desert nudes. Part one of three parts.

5/16 - Dayana Cadeau: "In The Tub" - The final installment of the series, showing that cleanliness is next to irresistible.

4/22 - Danijela Crevar - Beauty and the Bike, muscle girl + muscle bike = a great pictorial.

4/6 - Kim Chizevsky - "The Body Beautiful" Black and white art studies of the top female competitor of all time in fitness trim.

4/1 - Viviana Soldano - "Desert Bloom," photo set from the Anza-Borrego State Park in the features gallery.

3/5 - Dayana Cadeau: The "Hotel Series" -The Couch, first of three nude photo sets shot in Columbus during the 2002 Arnold Weekend. In the Nude Color Gallery.

2/08 - Mimi Bowman: Intimate Moments -Fans of female physique know the women spend more time at photos shoots doing make up and getting dressed than they do in front of the the camera. Here is an intimate, behind the scenes look at the process.

1/31 - Trudy Ireland: Rope - BW nudes of Trudy intwined in the coils of a serpentine length of rope.

1/25 - Robin Coleman: Big Girl in Town - BW nudes of the voluptuous 3rd place winner in the World Strongest Woman Contest, 2000.

1/4/2002 - Joanna Thomas: Slippery When Wet - BW nudes of Joanna in and around a Southern California swimming pool.

12/28 - Mimi Bowman: Desert Bloom - Nudes in the spectacular landscape of Joshua Tree Natonal Monument

12/13 - Timea Majorova: Ducati Delight - Why Timea and the Ducati 916 are both objects of sexual fantasy.

11/23 - Trudy Ireland: Top Of The World - Shapely and full-bodied Trudy in the mountains high above Malibu, California.

11/13 -Modern Amazons Feature - Broken links repaired, 10 pages of Color and BW photos now available.

11/10 - Michelle Tuggle: "Dune"- Part Two - An additional set of B/W nudes shot deep in the Mojave Dunes of California.

11/02 - Michelle Tuggle: "Dune" - No giant, carniverous worms, just a beautiful nude physique among the sand dunes. In the Nude B/W Gallery.

10/26 - 10/30 - Photo sessions at the Olympia Weekend in progress - photos of Yaxeni Oriquen, Betty Pariso, Gayle Moher, Michelle Tuggle and more.

10/18 - Chris Bongiovanni - Classic Nudes, in the Nude Color Gallery

10/16 - Janet Marchi - Italian Muscle, in the Nude Color Gallery

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